Mkhaya Game Reserve

In the southeast of Swaziland, the heart of the lowveld, lies an unspoilt wilderness, haven to endangered species which roam the magnificent African bush. For the animals that once roamed wild and free, uninhibited by fences and boundaries, they faced and still face an uncertain future with man’s compulsion towards maximum yield, poaching and ignorance … Continue reading “Mkhaya Game Reserve”

Swaziland in Spring: Birding & Botany Blooms.

As Swaziland springs into life; local, regional and international visitors flock to its game studded plains to experience some of Southern Africa’s best birding and botany bloom.       BGP Birding & Botany Attractions Hlane Royal National Park Home to the largest herds of game in Swaziland with four of the Big 5 including … Continue reading “Swaziland in Spring: Birding & Botany Blooms.”

A 20yr Rhino Record Shattered

As the Rhino poaching crisis in South Africa reaches new heights with a Rhino now lost every day, on Friday 3rd June Swaziland fell victim to her first Rhino loss in over 20 years. An impressive record now consigned to history as the Rhino War threatens one of the few remaining stabilised breeding environments in … Continue reading “A 20yr Rhino Record Shattered”

The Nation’s Park Reigns

15 May 2011 – D-Day for reigning BGP Dance Competition Champion: Mlilwane. Would they once again take the coveted and highly-priced position of Big Game Parks’ Champion? The annual inter-park dance competition promotes culture and competition amongst the parks’ staff at Hlane Royal National Park, Mkhaya Game Reserve and Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. Held at a … Continue reading “The Nation’s Park Reigns”