Swaziland’s First Ever Instameet !


Instameet ArtworkThe Kingdom of Swaziland’s Big Game Parks invites instagrammers to the very first instameet in Swaziland! This event will be hosted at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary on the 16th December 2015. An InstaMeet is an event where a group of photographers and videographers who are on instagram meet up to take photos and videos together. Instagram is an exciting social networking service that enables its users to share pictures and videos. The vital ingredients for this event are a group of fun, easy going instagrammers with smart phones, data bundles and a desire to connect and explore nature with other Instagrammers.

Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary is a beautifully scenic park ideal for exploring nature and this Instameet will provide a great opportunity to meet new people, share opinions, tips and experiences related to Instagram;  take pictures and instantly upload them to Instagram. Save the date! #LookCloser #MlilwaneInstameet15 #TheBeautyOfNature @BigGameParks

#Nailit4RHINOS Campaign: 1st – 22nd September 2015


World Rhino Day is on the 22nd September every year. This day is celebrated worldwide. 2015 marks the fifth year that the world will commemorate this day.

Nail it for Rhinos

The Rhino Horn is made from a substance called Keratin; the same material found in human nails. The Rhino is an endangered species which is continentally in crisis of extinction. The Swazi Community can help take a stand to save the rhino by getting involved with the Nail it for Rhinos Campaign.  All they have to do is get creative with their nails from the 1st of September 2015. World Rhino Day is on Tuesday the 22nd September and the eventual winner will be announced on Social Media on the 22nd.They can colour them, Shape them or Fake them; then take selfies (with the highlight of the picture being their nail craft) and share them on our official Big Game Parks instagram, facebook and twitter handles with the caption #NailItForRhinos.


The most creative participant will walk away with:

  • One night for 2 people at Hlane Royal National Park plus a Rhino Game Drive.
  • We invite salons to participate by offering a manicure/pedicure prize along side this to stimulate more interest – We hope that if the client wins, the salon owner can join the winner on the game drive and offer the prize at her salon. The prize will be redeemed at the winner’s salon, so only if your client wins, will your prize be taken up.


  • The winner will be “The most effective artwork seen in photo” selected from social media posts. This means the artwork must stimulate interest as a great rhino ambassador.


How to enter:

  • Design & paint your #Nailit4RHINO nails (Both Men and Women eligible)
  • Photograph your nails creatively
  • Share on your social media platforms and tag:
    • @biggamparks (twitter)
    • @BigGameParks (Insta)
    • Big Game Parks (FB)
    • #Nailit4RHINO
    • Your Salon’s name
    • Your own handle
  • Most effective artwork seen in photo wins – T&C’s apply

Your 50 For Conservation

50Swaziland and BIG GAME PARKS celebrated 50 years of conservation this year! The beginning of this week marked  50 days to the end of the year.  We successfully  launched our “Your 50” campaign at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary on Monday 10th November, attended by media and conservation ambassadors from Hlabazonkhe Primary School and Malindza High School.

Big Game Parks has contributed 50- years to Swazi conservation.  What is Your50?

We invite you to contribute to Swaziland’s conservation through participation. Big Game Parks challenges everyone to get creative and choose 50 ways in which to make a difference to our environment before the end of 2014. Pledge Your 50 and Challenge your neighbour!


Visit our Facebook page Big Game Park  for ideas – and share yours!

Tweet us @BigGameParks

WWF Launches NOVEL CHI CAMPAIGN in Vietnam on World Rhino Day

ChiWWF-SA Rhino Programme Manager, Dr Jo Shaw announced the launch of their new behavior change campaign, strategically aimed at the new users of rhino horn.  She stated “It is imperative to work along the entire illicit supply chain, from rhino to consumer if we hope to win the war.”  A lot of work has been done along this chain, but the demand continues to spike.

13 South African rhino were poached in 2007.  In 2013, 1004 rhino were poached.  On 11th September 2014, South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs announced 769 rhino had been poached this year. Novel Chi means “Power Comes From Our Will”.  Chi is Power or Strength.  The campaign is a collaborative effort conducted by WWF-SA, TRAFFIC and PSI, a social marketing group with experience in behavior change.  It is based on intense research into the behavior of rhino horn users and the various approaches taken to date. 

“Experience has now shown that positive messaging coming from within the target group is the most powerful way to change behavior,” says Shaw.

Images of rhino carcasses and mutilated rhino have little impact.  Appeals for the rhino as a species have little impact.  Targeting the emotional motivators driving the new age user – Vietnamese men aged 35–50 – is essential.  This group is highly susceptible to admiration within their peer groups and business circles.  Business success, social standing and lifestyle are most valued.  Rhino horn has become evidence of wealth, elevated social status and is a highly prized corporate gift, all leading to the recent spike in horn demand.

More concerning are the “Intenders” group.  These are young urban men eager to climb the social ladder quickly, are hugely money conscious and aspirational.  They mimic the behavior of their seniors in order to gain social recognition.  As they can afford horn, they enter the market.   A rapid growth in purchasing power in Asian economies has increased the pressure on rhino.  This “intenders” group indicates a potential 300 – 400% growth in horn market. The traditional medicinal use of horn has remained relatively constant and is now a small percentage. 

It is essential to target behavior change within the current social and corporate users, reduce aspiration and therefore demand.  The campaign appeals to this market through strong messages linked to strong aspirational images that depict the target audience – businessmen in suits.  This is a complete divergence from traditional conservation messaging.

This campaign is part of WWF-SA’s 5-point approach:

  1. Building resilient rhino populations
  2. Developing community buffers around rhino conservation areas
  3. Supporting Forensic and Judicial chain
  4. Support National Policies in rhino range states
  5. Curb trade and demand



Big Game Parks wishes WWF-SA, TRAFFIC and PSI every success in this campaign.



#My3RhinoWords Competition!

#My3RhinoWords - FB

In just 3 words, what do you think of rhino?




 Either create an electronic jpeg or a hard copy, scan and post it on your Facebook.

  1. Take a piece of paper
  2. Write #My3RhinoWords prominently
  3. Write your 3 words
  4. Add a rhino picture – drawn or a photo
  5. Scan or photograph this and post it on your facebook page
  6. By Thursday 2, take a screen shot of your page showing the number of shares your #My3RhinoWords post generated and send it through to marketing@biggameparks.org
  7. The person with the most shares will win a night for their family at Hlane Royal National Park. If the highest number is shared by more than one person, the winner will be drawn.
  8. T’s & C’s Apply
  9. Have fun!


Twitter                        #My3RhinoWords      @biggameparks

22nd September is World Rhino Day

RhinosX5-638x531World Rhino Day is on September 22 and celebrates all five species of rhino: Black, white, greater one-horned, Sumatran and Javan rhinos.

World Rhino Day was first announced by WWF-South Africa in 2010. In 2011, World Rhino Day grew into an international success, encompassing both African and Asian rhino species and becoming a celebration for all five rhino species – Black, White, Sumatran, Indian and Jarvan. World Rhino Day has since grown to become a global phenomenon, uniting NGOs, zoos, cause-related organizations, businesses, and concerned individuals from nearly every corner of the world!

The Sumatran rhinoceros is also the smallest rhino and the oldest living land mammal on earth.  No more than 200 animals survive in small, isolated forest fragments in Indonesia and Malaysia.  There are probably less than 50 Javan rhino in the wild.  The disappearance of rhino in Asia puts greater pressure on African rhino.  Likewise, decrease in African rhino numbers increases the threat to Swazi rhino.

While illegal trade in horn continues to grow, so does the support for live rhino.  The world is becoming outraged as this flagship species fast-tracks to extinction – rhino conservation is both a race against time and poses an urgent need to reset our human mindset.  The criminal syndicates involved in rhino poaching have been likened to terrorists.  Their modus operandi mirrors that of terrorist models, putting law enforcers and innocent citizens at risk. There is no scientifically proven beneficial use of horn, meaning the more than 730 rhino slaughtered this year have died for greed and frivolous status alone.

Many dedicated people and organisations are doing great work to conserve the rhino.  However, there are also many who have jumped on the bandwagon.  When supporting rhino conservation, research is required to ensure your support makes a real difference on the ground.

 Big  Game Parks is participating in the first ever World Youth Rhino Summit in KZN this year.  100 young conservation-savvy youth between 15-17 years from 30 countries worldwide will gather in iMfolozi Game Reserve.  Together with educators and conservationists, they will address the rhino crisis and possible solutions.  Big Game Parks CEO, Ted Reilly and Hlane’s Warden, George Mbatha will attend as a Rhino Elders, accompanied by selected youth from Swazi communities.

Follow Big Game Parks this week on facebook and twitter @biggameparks to find out the latest trends in rhino conservation.  Get involved, have your say!