Chubeka Trails

The Kingdom of Swaziland’s Big Game Parks brings you an exciting mixture of wildlife, adventure and culture whilst comfortably snuggled in your saddle. A fascinating combination of experience, habitats and scenery are what makes these horse trails so remarkable. Join us and let us take you where eagles fly!

Chubeka Trails is the very exciting new trailing arm of Big Game Parks. Based at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, we operate chiefly on Mlilwane, Hlane and Mkhaya, but will be trailing beyond the boundaries of Big Game Parks – with permission of relevant land-owners, of course!

The siSwati word “Chubeka” means to “go forward”, or “to continue.” The “ch” is pronounced with a soft click, an added challenge on trail! Over the past two years, Big Game Parks has been hard at work trail-blazing and building relations with selected communities through which we would like to trail. The name fell into place when each time we offered a certain ranger a lift, and he replied “Cha, Chubeka” meaning, “no (thank you), continue.”

Chubeka Trails is attracting the adventure enthusiast to Swaziland, including the very specialised equestrian trail-rider – a new era for Swaziland tourism. By offering distance trails, Chubeka Trails aims to link the parks with selected communities, thus opening the possibility of exploring the unknown, yet probably the most beautiful, hidden corners of our Kingdom, as well as spreading the positive effects of tourism. Furthermore, we aim to hold hands with similar adventure-minded organizations inSwaziland in creating a greater choice. Any tourism Chubeka Trails is involved in will follow the environmentally friendly ethics of Big Game Parks.

Mainly horse trails for now, including daily rides and overnight trails. Chubeka Trails manages the daily horse riding at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, and our 1-night Cave Trail and 2-night Klipspringer Trail (also on Mlilwane) are very successful. More exciting 4-night trails are presently being designed and developed, with the possibility of longer trails in future. Following the success of the horse trails, overnight Mountain Bike and Hiking trails will be the next step!

The availability of the overnight trails depends on the seasons and river levels. For this reason some trails will run between April and October annually, with scheduled departures. Group size limited according to trail, 2 – 12 riders. The guides gauge the pace according to that of the least experienced rider.

Cave Trail
– Weather permitting

– River strength depending – generally April – October
– Weather permitting

Swazi Culture & Scenery Trail
– River strength depending – generally April – October
– Weather permitting

In the case of poor weather conditions, Chubeka Trails will endeavour to provide alternative arrangements for the duration of the trail as booked in negotiation with guests and within the trail budget.

Bookings: Central Reservations: PO Box 311, Malkerns, SwazilandTel: (+268) 2528 3943/4 Fax: (+268) 2528 3924

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