Big Game Parks 2019/2020 Festive Season Procedures



Hlane Royal National Park and Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary welcome day visitors over the Christmas season. We encourage enjoyment of our parks in a responsible manner with respect to the environment, wildlife and fellow guests. Eco-Tourism is about a quality nature experience. Big Game Parks is about making memorable experiences in nature available to local, regional and international guests. We do not condone noisy and disrespectful behavior. Our parks are here to be enjoyed by all who visit, which means safety, respect, courtesy and sobriety are important.

Due to high levels of disturbance in the past, our parks will be following a very strict procedure this festive season.

  • For the safety and enjoyment of all, the “No Alcohol Permitted” rule will be enforced vigorously throughout the holiday season
  • Every vehicle will be searched on entry to both Hlane and Mlilwane. Vehicles with alcohol will be turned away and denied access into the park.
  • No alcohol may be left at our gates.
  • Anyone arriving intoxicated or suspected of being under the influence of intoxicating substances will be turned away. Our Rangers have full discretion.
  • Drugs, Firearms and ammunition will not be permitted into the parks.
  • Day Visitors will be required to leave the Rest Camp by 17h00 between 21 December and 5 January 2020.
  • Security will be deployed in the camps and have the authority to search picnics and any alcohol found being off-loaded will result in the vehicle and its passengers being evicted without refund.
  • Big Game Parks reserves the right to restrict entry to ensure our guests have a quality experience. The number of Day Visitor vehicles allowed into the parks will be restricted (over the festive season).
  • Notices will be erected at the turn off when capacity is reached.
  • Conservation (entry) fees will be as follows:
    • MLILWANE – E70,00 per adult & E35.00 per child during High Season (21st Dec to 5th Jan inclusive)
    • HLANE – E65,00 per adult & E35.00 per child during High Season (21st Dec to 5th Jan inclusive)
    • Restricted access applies during the festive season.
    • Normal Rates apply through the rest of the months of December and January, with exception of 21st Dec to 5th
    • Wild Cards will be accepted as normal, without premium fare
    • Pre-bookings for overnight guests as per our forecast will be charged normal Conservation Fees, including pay on arrival
    • Pre-paid Christmas Lunch bookings in the Hippo Haunt and Hlane Restaurants will be charged normal Conservation Fees. Pre-bookings without payment will be charged peak season rates.
  • Access to Mlilwane swimming pool will be restricted and hourly checks will be conducted to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors

Wishing all our guests a fabulous Festive Season!
To book contact our Central Reservations Office on +268 2528 3943 or email



Notice of Change of Normal Rates

BGP logoPlease note that from the 1st of December 2015 our rates  on all accommodation and activities will change to 2015/2016 rates. For more information on rates visit our website at or email our Central Reservations at

Swaziland’s First Ever Instameet !


Instameet ArtworkThe Kingdom of Swaziland’s Big Game Parks invites instagrammers to the very first instameet in Swaziland! This event will be hosted at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary on the 16th December 2015. An InstaMeet is an event where a group of photographers and videographers who are on instagram meet up to take photos and videos together. Instagram is an exciting social networking service that enables its users to share pictures and videos. The vital ingredients for this event are a group of fun, easy going instagrammers with smart phones, data bundles and a desire to connect and explore nature with other Instagrammers.

Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary is a beautifully scenic park ideal for exploring nature and this Instameet will provide a great opportunity to meet new people, share opinions, tips and experiences related to Instagram;  take pictures and instantly upload them to Instagram. Save the date! #LookCloser #MlilwaneInstameet15 #TheBeautyOfNature @BigGameParks

Day Two: A Chance to Explore Hlane Royal National Park

expedition africaBegin your second day of Expedition Africa with a guided Sunup cycle and return for breakfast at our open air restaurant, facing the waterhole frequently visited by Elephant and Rhino at Ndlovu Camp. After breakfast, this is a time for you to explore Hlane Royal National Park in a self drive and then conclude your day with a rest at Ndlovu Camp’s stunning accommodation.


Daily conservation fee is E40-00 per person. Free entry with a WILD card

A Chance To See Swaziland’s Big Five

Beautiful pictures of a herd of Elephants taken at Hlane Royal National Park in the mist at the waterhole at Ndlovu Camp. Did you know……..  In Swaziland, Elephants can only be viewed at Hlane Royal National Park and Mkhaya Game Reserve?

Book for a Game Drive at Hlane Royal National Park or a Day Tour at Mkhaya Game Reserve and have close encounters with Elephant and other animal species.

For bookings email or  call +268 2528 3943/4

Very Well Camouflaged Scops Owl

Scops Owl at Msholo Hut
Scops Owl at Msholo Hut

Famous for its bird life, Hlane is also a home to many species of Owls and this week, a Scop Owl was spotted at Hlane Royal National Park…..Very well camouflaged. This birds prefer areas which contain old trees with hollows; these are home to their prey which includes insects, reptiles, small mammals such as bats and mice and other small birds. You have got to be very sharp eyed to spot this one.

To see other species’ list got to


Paradise Flycatcher Spotted at Hlane Royal National Park

Paradise flycatcher
Paradise flycatcher

Adding to the many bird species that can be spotted at Big Game Parks is the Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone);  a type of mornach flycatcher. Paradise flycatchers are generally small birds, around 18 – 21cm(7.1 – 8.3 inches) in length and weighing 12 – 23 grams. As their name suggests, they are insectivores and feed on a variety of insects. Paradise flycatchers, like all monarch flycatchers, are monogamous and  generally territorial, although in some cases birds may nest close together and defend the nests together against predators. This picture of a male paradise flycatcher was taken in its nest at Hlane Royal National Park.

Mkhaya’s Narina Trogon Chick Learns To Fly

Narina Trogon Chick
Narina Trogon Chick

In addition to its fame for rhino, Mkhaya Game Reserve is also known for its Narina Trogon, currently nesting at Stone Camp. This week, the first Narina Trogon chick of the season took its first flight around Stone Camp. It was amazing to see the young one moving from one branch to another trying to improve its flying capability and getting ready for the bush. This special event comes in addition to the numerous baby sightings being made. The image shows the chick, yet to develop the bright beautiful colours for which the Trogon is famed.

Can You Spot the Owl?

African Wood Owl
African Wood Owl

Spotted by the Swaziland History Society group that had come for a walk at the Sanctuary, the African Wood Owl (Strix woodfordii) was spotted at Mlilwane during its  breeding season and was very well camouflaged in Mlilwane’s foliage. Recently the Narina Trogon was also spotted again at Mlilwane after disappearing for a while after the storm at the beginning of November

Mkhaya, a Haven for Endangered Species

Male African Buffalo at Mkhaya Game Reserve
Male African Buffalo at Mkhaya Game Reserve

Mkhaya Game Reserve is known to be a haven for endangered species in Swaziland. This makes Mkhaya a unique reserve, boasting  four of the Big Five including Black Rhino as well as African Buffalo also known  as “The Black Death” owing to the fact that they are regarded as the most aggressive of the Big Five. As a haven for endangered species, Mkhaya Game Reserve is the only reserve where you can view the African Buffalo in Swaziland