Imvelo MTB Classic 2018: What you need to know so far…


Erik picIn case you missed our email yesterday (read haven’t checked your SPAM folder) here is the long and short of what you need to know about our race so far…


Firstly, thank you for your entries and payments!  If you paid before 22nd May 2018 you would have  received a confirmation email containing a race number and some details regarding race starting times and registration specifics.  Please let us know should you not have received this confirmation email by emailing us

If you have not paid, please do so at your earliest convenience with cut-off date of 31 May in mind.  Any unpaid entries after 31 May will be cancelled. (Don’t be THAT guy!)  Should you wish to cancel your entry please inform us via email.



IMG_5865New Routes & Race Starting Times:


As communicated before, we are debuting some new routes this year.  Please familiarize yourself with the race you have entered and the changes you can expect:


65km Momentum CLASSIC ROUTE

“The most spectacular route in Eswatini” – is how our guinea-pig cyclist describes our new Imvelo Classic route!  He followed this with “extremely tough, and now I know I need to work on my fitness!”  Be warned – He is one of Eswatini’s top 10 MTB cyclists, so please take his lead!

Imvelo MTB Classic 2018 will be a very similar warm up through the plains, up and over Mantenga View Point and then heads for Mlilwane North through rural community.  The trail through community is on dirt road (good red clay, so slippery when wet) offering challenging climbs and some scenic single track.  The King of the Mountain is now at 1230m asl, celebrating a tough dirt road climb which leads onto Mlilwane North. Here, dirt roads give way to 6km of immature single track, with opportunities for over-taking on ancient jeep-tracks. A 6km downhill section requires good brakes, and provides technical riding, which will thrill our top riders.  We’ve nick named this downhill “Nagashima” which is the worlds’ longest roller coaster.  Crossing over a river brings cyclists back onto Mlilwane South for a final climb and drop to the finish at Rest Camp. There will be water tables at roughly 9km, 16km, 20.5km, 40km and at 57km


  • Our new grass tracks are still rough at some sections
  • Total elevation gain/loss is 1737m
  • Time to ride Imvelo Classic route is expected to be a lot longer than our old 64km.  In our test rides we found that it will add between 45min (top riders) and 1h30 (back of the field) longer than our previous routes.  We are therefore planning to start our 65km Classic this year at 07:00 instead of at 08:00
  • It is strongly recommended that you have done some distance on your bike in the last 4 weeks before considering taking part in this one (It’s not too late to downgrade-  but please do so before 31 May!)



Yes you read right! We’re giving you a whole 2 extra kilometers for free- SURPRISE!! The major route change includes Nyonayane Mountain and removes the Usuthu Forest. There will be water tables at roughly 9km; 16km;  26km and 30km


12.5km MilkyMax HOGLET & 22km Emasi Umdeni FAMILY ROUTES

Minor adjustments will be made to the start of these these routes, still meandering through the plains relatively close to Mlilwane Rest Camp. There will be water tables at roughly 9km and 16km (Family Route)





65km Momentum CLASSIC                           – 07:00 ** PLEASE TAKE NOTE **

37km Pure Joy CHALLENGE                         – 09:15

22km Emasi Umdeni FAMILY FUN              – 09:45

12.5km Milky Max HOGLET                         – 09:50


Good luck and get training (if you haven’t started already!)

Best Regards,

The Organisers

Author: Big Game Parks

Sawubona! Welcome to Big Game Parks' Blog! From the flatlands in the East, through the mountainous and scenic West, to the heart of the lowveld in the South East, the Kingdom of Swaziland not only offers you nearly every example of African landscape but also unforgettable wildlife, culture, adventure and birding experiences. Big Game Parks (BGP) is a private non-profit Trust which manages three game reserves in Swaziland: Hlane Royal National Park, Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary and Mkhaya Game Reserve. All follow a common mission: to conserve the rich biodiversity of Swaziland's natural heritage. In 1960 the Reilly's family established the Kingdom's first game reserve on the Reilly family farm, Mlilwane. Hlane Royal National Park and Mkhaya Game Reserve soon followed and today the company's contribution to the restoration and protection of the Kingdom’s biodiversity is of great significance (BGP actually saved 22 species from extinction in Swaziland!) and can truly be appreciated by the discerning traveller. Swaziland is well-situated between Kruger National Park and Kwa-Zulu Natal as well as Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Maputo. Big Game Parks’ well-positioned and diverse game reserves are an essential destination in any itinerary. Discover all the latest Big Game Parks tourism, conservation and community happenings right here. Sitawubonana! See you soon!

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