Taiwanese Rhino Horn Traffickers Given 29 Years!

Good news from Swazilnd!
Yesterday the sentencing of the 2 Taiwanese traffickers CHEN Bei Sun and HSIAO Chen Hao arrested with 24 pieces of white rhino horn at KM 3 international airport plus 7 pieces intercepted at OR Tambo.
In spite of application pending hearing before another judge for a mistrial to be declared and the case started afresh, there was no application for a stay of execution of sentencing and the trial judge had recused himself from hearing this application.The trial judge was free to proceed with sentencing- which he did. both accused having pleaded guilty to all charges and mitigation having been duly considered.
Count 1. possession of rhino trophies both sentenced to 9 years without option of a fine.
Count 2. Trafficikng of rhino trophies Both sentenced to 11 years without option of fine
Count 3. Export of rhino trophies. Both sentenced to 9 years without the option of a fine.
No suspension of any part of sentence. Sentences to run concurrently from date of arrest.
Plus compensation to owners of E/R 40 000 for each of the 3 rhinos linked to poaching scenes in SA by DNA  and a 4th one suspected to have been poached in Swaziland in the not too distant past. Failure to compensate will result in offenders serving a further 4yrs imprisonment.
The prosecution and investigating team has good reason to be proud! A big thank

you to all in SA that helped with various aspects of this case.
The South African authorities have put in motion the required processes for these criminals to stand trial in South Africa for charges relating to rhino poaching and trafficking once they have finished serving sentence in Swaziland.
Anti-poaching dog patrols and training session
Anti-poaching dog patrols and training session, Mkhaya Game Reserve, Swaziland

Author: Big Game Parks

Sawubona! Welcome to Big Game Parks' Blog! From the flatlands in the East, through the mountainous and scenic West, to the heart of the lowveld in the South East, the Kingdom of Swaziland not only offers you nearly every example of African landscape but also unforgettable wildlife, culture, adventure and birding experiences. Big Game Parks (BGP) is a private non-profit Trust which manages three game reserves in Swaziland: Hlane Royal National Park, Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary and Mkhaya Game Reserve. All follow a common mission: to conserve the rich biodiversity of Swaziland's natural heritage. In 1960 the Reilly's family established the Kingdom's first game reserve on the Reilly family farm, Mlilwane. Hlane Royal National Park and Mkhaya Game Reserve soon followed and today the company's contribution to the restoration and protection of the Kingdom’s biodiversity is of great significance (BGP actually saved 22 species from extinction in Swaziland!) and can truly be appreciated by the discerning traveller. Swaziland is well-situated between Kruger National Park and Kwa-Zulu Natal as well as Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Maputo. Big Game Parks’ well-positioned and diverse game reserves are an essential destination in any itinerary. Discover all the latest Big Game Parks tourism, conservation and community happenings right here. Sitawubonana! See you soon!

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